Sports Massage And Pain Relief


We are *temporarily* closed while I move into my new space in the Arden area! Please feel free to contact me for an update or a referral until I am up and running again! I do not have an estimated date for reopening yet but I may be able to attend events if scheduling allows!

Asheville Sports Massage And Pain Relief provides massage and body work services in the Asheville, NC area for headache, joint pain, and back pain relief, for recovery and rehabilitation from injuries, and for clients engaged in sports, athletic training, and exercise.

At ASM Pain Relief, I primarily offer 3 types of services: Pain Relief, Sports Massage, and Pre-/Post-Workout Sessions.

I approach massage a little differently than what is typically thought of when massage comes to mind. Please take a moment to learn what to expect.

Why See Me?

I had chronic pain for over half a decade with no relief. I spent that time trying to find relief. I have been on dozens of drugs that didn't help. I went to see many different pain specialists but each one only helped a little. Now I've learned how to put together all the pieces that helped me and use them to help my clients too.

My chronic pain came from headaches but I never found relief just working on my head and neck. I had problems in my knees, pelvis and back that were trapping the pain in my head. Every time I started to make progress it seemed like it would only give me hope and then come back just as bad or worse. Headaches were my problem and now I specialize in headache and migraine relief but chronic pain follows the same patterns anywhere in the body. Whether it's your knees, hips, back, shoulders, neck, jaw or all of these and more let me help you make a plan and find relief.